Tractor Blades are used to push the material with power from one place to another. Best tool to use in Construction road cleaning and surface leveling.

Our Leveling Drags are best tool for Soil leveling, initial building, ditch closing, filling erosions, building or stripping broad- or medium-based terraces correcting undulations in crop surfaces, vicinal roads recovering, building and maintaining roads, building outflow water canals, overfill channels construction, dismantling and medium and large base construction and ripples correction, and as according with the farmer’s need.

Dozer Blades

Dozer Blades Names

  • AGRIMONT Front Dozer Blades for Tractors
  • AGRIMONT Graders/Levelling Drag
  • AGRIMONT Dozer Blades for Bulldozers
  • AGRIMONT Laser Land Leveler